iOS 7 Features Walkthrough [VIDEO]

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Live Clock

One of the new features in iOS 7 is the live clock, where you can see the current time from your iPhone’s home screen, by just giving a quick look at the clock app icon. And this feature was already taken from a popular jailbreak tweak called LiveClock which shows the current time at your device home-screen without needing to enter and check out the clock from inside…

The App Switcher 

Apple’s new App Switcher looks great, but from where did they got it ? They took the idea from the popular multitasking and App Switcher Auxo jailbreak tweak, almost all of you heard about it and what does it..

 Control Center

It’s basically SBSettings on steroids without any of the customization that SBSettings brings to the table. I’m ecstatic to finally have toggles on iOS, but the level of customization that SBSettings, and other similar tweaks like Auxo and NCSettings brings to the table will keep us looking forward to an iOS 7 jailbreak after all.

In iOS 6, you had only about seven apps to put them inside a folder and then you’r done, but now in iOS 7,  you can put an infinit number of apps as you wish inside one folder.. hmmm where did I see such feature ? Oh yeah I remember, there is two jailbreak tweaks do the same idea, one called Infinitfolders and the other one called FolderEnhancer..
Dynamic Wallaper

It’s not exactly the same, but LivePapers is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to have animated wallpaper on a jailbroken iPhone. Thus far, iOS’ dynamic wallpaper doesn’t feature effects as drastic as LivePapers, but there’s certainly room for growth. iOS 7′s dynamic wallpapers feature interesting 3D effects that change as you move your iOS device, which is similar to another jailbreak tweak — DeepEnd.

Safari web browser now allows you to open unlimited number of tabs, and this feature was first taken from a jailbreak tweak called Tab+
Blurred Notification Center

Apple’s new notification center looks very translucent, which means it allows you to see a blurred view of the contents behind the drop down window. Back when Notification Center was all the rage, a jailbreak tweak called FastBlurredNotificationCenter did just that.

Notification Center on iPhone’s Lock Screen
At first you wasn’t able to see notifications at your iPhone’s lock-screen, but now in iOS 7 you will be able to view your notification center easily from your iPhone’s lockscreen, and this feature is taken from a tweak called Bulletin.
Swipe Gestures
The ability to move from a page to another page in the settings menu or etc… wasn’t exist in iOS 6, while now you can in iOS 7 with a new swipe gestures already taken from a popular jailbreak tweak made by Ryan Petrich called SwipeBack.
Safari Search Box

I’ve always hated the separation of search and address bars in the stock Mobile Safari browser. Now Apple has finally moved Safari out of the stone age, and has updated it with a Google Chrome like omnibox for unified search and browser requests. Back before the mobile version of Google Chrome even appeared to be possible on iOS, there was a jailbreak tweak called Safari UniBar, and it allowed you to have a true unified browsing experience.

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